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Setting up good study habits

Research has shown that setting up good study habits, early in life, will help children develop better focus & discipline, which are important for their later years of schooling. ⁠

We offer a dedicated 20 - 30 minute session every day for homework, supported by our team of experienced educators and tutors. Students can use this time to complete their school work, reading logs and/or reinforce learnings from their classroom. ⁠

Recognising children have different learning styles - we see some prefer independent learning once it's explained to them, while others love showing us what they've learnt at school and their skills are reinforced by further practice work. Other students deepen their learning by sharing their knowledge with peers and we encourage these peer to peer 'teaching' opportunities. It's super cute seeing them put on their 'teacher' voices while explaining a concept.

Let Beyond Distinction take the stress out of the dreaded H word for you. ⁠That’s one less thing to worry about - visit our website or give us a call for more.⁠