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Term 3 Student Art Show & Mini-Concert

Thank you to all the parents & families who attended our end of term student Art Show (24/9/18) and Mini-Concert (26/9/18).

The students were so pleased to show off their learnings with you and we, the Beyond Distinction team loved being able to create these opportunities for parents & families to engage with our students' achievements.

Our inauguaral Art Show was a blast. Our student's were introduced to a range of different art techniques (charcoal, pastels, watercolors, blow art, acrylics, dark space, printing, still life etc) in the last 2 terms, which they then applied on individual and collaboration art pieces displayed at the show. The final works were pretty amazing! See for yourself in the images & links below.

For Term 4, our art projects will be focused on "Portraiture and the Human Form". Can't wait to see what our students will come up with!

Our music teachers were particularly pleased to see our music students performing so confidently in front of an audience. For many of our beginner students, this was their first ever performance too!

For music, our philosophy is to engage our students and inspire in them an enjoyment for playing music.

We don't ask for strenuous (or any) practice at home, so what you see in the concert are from their own natural talents and what the students has taken away from their weekly music sessions with us.

Parents, look out for that special smile on each student's faces as they take their bows, so sweet!

With Christmas fast approaching, we will be inviting some of our students to attend end of year eisteddfods and charity concerts to share their joy of music with others. If your child is interested, please let our music teachers know. (Note. some discretionary travel maybe involved on weekdays or weekends etc.)

Check out the photos below or visit 'Term Highlights' to watch the videos of both events, including behind the scene footages :)