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Benefits of a bi-lingual brain

We often see children picking up news skills (including languages) so much easier than adults.

This TED-Ed video offers a good explanation to help us understand what is actually happening in the human brain, particularly for children as they are exposed to and learn a second language early on in life.

Studies suggests bi & multi-lingual individuals have stronger cognitive (brain) functions due to:

- increased activities involving both hemispheres of the brain;

- strengthens the areas for executive function (ie. problem solving, filtering information and analytical thinking tasks); and

- develops higher grey matter density (more brain neurons & synapses)

What an incredible amount of benefits learning a second language in childhood can offer! Beyond Distinction will be adding a new language program (Mandarin Chinese) to our range of premium activities from 2018 Term 4, for total beginners to background speakers.

If your child is interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, get in touch or contact us (info@beyond-distinction.com.au) for more details of our new language program.

Click on image to watch the full video.