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How art changes the brain

An interesting piece from the Sydney Conservatorium on art & creativity and how it changes the brain.

Our staff, educators & coaches see this all the time and are often amazed by our young students - who, given the opportunity are able to take on / take up different skills & activities of interest to them.

Regardless of whether it is learning a new sport, art or music, if we are able to engage their interest/s (their minds) - children just seem to pick up new skills with ease on activities/hobbies that are often daunting for us adults.

It has a lot to do with neuroplasticity, resilience and exposure at an early age which really resonates with our own philosophy of "Engage the Mind, Move the Body & Activate Talents".

If you've ever wondered why, click on the image below to read the full article or check out the podcast here. Enjoy!