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Essential skills in the digital economy

Jobs that won’t survive growth of digital economy

We came across this article on the skills that our children will need to survive and flourish in the digital economy.

As machines and automation takes over many aspects of our lives, think driverless cars in sci-fi movies only a decade ago, these are now a reality, with models tested in various places around the world.

In their careers - our children will still need numeracy and literacy, but digital literacy (ie. coding & robotics) will become the norm as well.

We're not saying that children should go out and learn coding & robotics separately (unless it is something that they have taken an interest in), they would have absorbed most of their digital know how through their everyday lives, ie. 'hey Siri...' 'Google this...' or 'Facebook friends said....'.

While machines may learn and take on more complex tasks, individuals with strong communication skills, emotional intelligence and those able think outside the box will be better equipped to stay ahead of the pack. What do you think?

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