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Factors for success & character development

Just re-reading this excellent piece from Angela Duckworth (TED-ED speaker on "GRIT") whose interest is in researching factors of success and character development.

My 2 main take outs are:

1/ "To get really good at anything requires sustained interest and commitment plus dedication to incremental improvement and the capacity to weather failure and setbacks."

2/ And to be really good at something & finding your passion -

"...it takes time and experience and encouragement to be able to say, one day, 'I have a calling.'”

It's nice to see there is research to back our program philosophy!

We always encourage students take part in activities that are of interest to them, if they are new to our program. That way, they will be starting with something already aligned to their natural interests & talents.

Combined with the right support & encouragement, at the right times in their journey of learning, we can help children can find their own passions in life.

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