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When kids have too much screen time...

Technology has improved our lives but it’s also created an unexpected dependency. You can get a few extra hours back to do the important things that needs doing, while having the peace of mind that the children are safe and productively engaged, rather than sitting in front of the TV or playing on the iPad.

But what happens when your kids spend too much time on phones, tablets, game consoles and in front of the TV?

  • They are not developing the social skills required to interact and relate to others.

  • They are not moving their bodies. This is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue in our modern society, and not only from a health and obesity perspective.

  • We want our children to move their bodies so they can feel their bodies, become attuned to their own emotions and feelings, so they can connect, relate and feel empathy for others.

  • They are not developing key personal traits, as the online world is full of instant gratification. Children need to learn some things just takes time to develop like social skills, sportsmanship, and the value of hard work & commitment.

  • It affects their eye sight, posture and early brain development[i] – children are often so fascinated by the onscreen content/game/video, they are glued to the screen.