"A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit."


Activities and Class Details



1/2 hr | 4-6 per Class

Piano is a wonderful foundation instrument for your child to explore their musical creativity and perhaps go on to finding another instrument they prefer and excel at. Book your child in today to reveal their musicianship or maybe even inner impresario!


What to bring: The right attitude, equipment supplied.

Where: Beyond Distinction Academy


Visual Art

1 Hour | ~ 8 per Class

Through art, children are able to develop fine motor skills, harness their keen observations and lay strong foundations in visual art. Our program provides an introduction to a range of styles and techniques over the school term, using different art media including (but not limited to) illustrations, acrylics, water-colours and oils guided by our expert Art teacher. 

Where: Beyond Distinction Academy


Mandarin Chinese (中文班)

1 Hour | 6-10 per Class

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most used languages in the world. Learning a second language at a young age has a range of great developmental benefits for children as well, including: strengthens their brain (cognitive) powers, enhanced literacy ability, stronger listening and motor skills due to the character writing & recognition abilities. Enrol today in our Mandarin Chinese immersion program!

Where: Beyond Distinction Academy



1/2hr | 4-6 per Class

Guitar is an instrument that has forged the career of many musicians throughout the history of modern music. Let the guitar be the perfect development trick for your future rock star, it's never too early to start!

Instruments supplied.

Where: Beyond Distinction Academy


1/2 Hour | 4-6 per Class

Swimming is an intrinsic part of the Australian spirit, and it is a great sport to introduce children to strength and discipline both mentally and physically.  Enrol your child today for a program that will improve their health, attitude, and summer safety!


What to bring: Swimming cap, long sleeve rashie, water bottle, swimming goggles & towel.

Where: Cabarita Swimming Centre

NB. Available spring/summer seasons only



1 Hour | ~ 8 per Class

Golf is a sport anyone can take up regardless of their age or ability. It is fun, character building, and full of achievement. Book your child’s mental and physical development today through the great sport of golf!


What to bring: Comfortable sports shoe, hat, water bottle and the right attitude. Equipment supplied.

Where: Barnwell Park Golf Course



1 Hour | 6-10 per Class

Tennis is a popular sport that teaches hand-eye co-ordination, discipline, determination, fairness, and builds stamina. That’s a lot of benefits from just 1 hour of physical activity each week! 

What to bring: Comfortable sports shoe, hat, water bottle and the right attitude. 

Sports equipment supplied.

Where: tbc

Homework Time

~20 minutes | All Students

We dedicate 20-30 minutes each afternoon to homework time supported by our qualified educators.

It's a great way for students to establish good study habits, as students can spend this time to revise their learning from school, complete their reading logs or work on school projects. 

What to bring: School work / projects / readers etc

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